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V-Belt Hvac Drive - SupplyWestern Belting is one of the leading suppliers of Gates V-Belts in the Denver metro area. Whether you need a smooth or notched style V-belt, we have on the shelf stock of the following v-belt styles:

  • Gates A,B, and C Section Hi Power II V-Belts *
  • Gates AX, BX, and CX Section Tri-Power V-Belts*
  • Gates 3VX and 5VX Super HC V-Belts
  • Gates 2L, 3L and 5L Truflex V-Belts

*Only select sizes stocked on C and CX style V-Belts

On top of carrying the above types of V-Belts, Western Belting has selected sizes of J-style Micro V-Belts in sotck in Colorado, as well many of the most common sizes on XL style timing belts.

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Super HC®
Heavy Duty V-Belts

Gates Super HC V-Belts

Super HC® Molded Notch
Duty V-Belts

Gates SuperHC Molded Notch V-Belt Sizes

Identifying Synchronous Belts & V-Belts with a Gates Engineer


Hi-Power® II Heavy Duty V-Belts:

Gates Hi Power II V-Belt Sizes


Tri-Power® Notched Heavy Duty V-Belts

Gates Tri-Power V-Belt Sizes

Truflex® Light Duty V-Belts

Gates Truflex V-Belt Sizes
*Part number's are different than the industry number (e.g. 4L240 equals 2240 part number)